Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal Fire Power Project

Project Overview

To construct a 1,200MW (600 MW x 2 units) capacity coal-fired power generation using ultra-supercritical (USC) technology and its relating infrastructure (e.g. coal importing port; electric lines) for the supply of electricity. The following are components funding by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

  1. USC coal-fired power generation (2 x 600MW) coal importing port (maximum water depth approx. 18.5m).
  2. Power lines (e.g. 400kV power lines of approx. 92km; steel towers).
  3. Access roads (e.g. approx. 675km bridge; approx. 8.5km of new road constructions; approx. 34.5km of existing road repairs).
  4. Electrification of the surrounding area (25km of 132kV power lines; 132/33kV and 33/11kV substation; 33/11/6.35/0.4kV power distribution facility).
  5. Procurement of materials and equipment (e.g. large vehicles; meters; disaster prevention equipment).
  6. Consulting services (e.g. detailed designing; bid assistance; construction supervision; organization strengthening).


Our Role

SMEC, with our local subsidiary ACE Consultants is providing consultancy services for Design, Construction Supervision of Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal Fired Power Project. Responsibilities include:

  • Review of Feasibility Study and Implementation Program
  • Basic Design (Power Plant, Coal & Ash Handling Terminal)
  • Tender Assistance
  • Project Management Support
  • Inspection, Testing and Delivery Control
  • Construction Supervision and certification
  • Facilitation of Implementation
  • Technology Transfer
  • Feasibility Study for Rural Electrification
  • Conduct HIV/AIDS Prevention Program
  • Environmental Survey
  • Pre – arbitral decision
  • Safety control of the project
Matarbari, Cox's Bazar District, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh.
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Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited(CPGCL
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