As Dhaka is one of fastest growing megacity in the world, the traffic situation in the city is getting worse day by day. When Traffic congestion is in extreme in the city, Bangladesh government and World Bank roll out the Strategic Transport Plan (STP) in 2005 which was revised by DTCA in collaboration with JICA in 2015.

In STP 2005, several strategical transport systems were introduced in Dhaka city which was updated in RSTP 2015. According to RSTP 2015, several Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Waterway and three Ring Road were proposed. Based on the RSTP 2015, the MRT, BRT, Ring Roads etc. are currently in different stages of project cycle through different implementing agencies.

As a per the RSTP 2015 proposal, the Dhaka Outer Ring Road Project (DORRP) has been commenced to formulate and find its feasibility through planning organization Dhaka Transport Co-Ordination Authority (DTCA). In RSTP 2015, MRT, BRT, Inner Ring Road, Middle Ring Road and Outer Ring Road has been proposed to easy the traffic congestion situation in Dhaka City.

MRT Line 6 and BRT Line 3 is currently under construction. Additionally, MRT Line 1, MRT Line 5 North and MRT Line 5 South is in Feasibility or Preliminary Design or Detail Design Stages. But None of the ring road has been commenced other than Dhaka Outer Ring Road Project.

The GoB has allocated public funds for the cost of provision of Consultancy Services to carry out a Feasibility Study of the Project. The Project is being executed by Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) under the Road Transport and Highways Division (RTHD) of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges (MoRTB). The GoB has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Consulting Services to carry out the Feasibility Study of the Project.

As part of the Feasibility Study of the DORRP, the Traffic Survey work has been commenced by the JV Consultants. The JV Consultants is Requesting for Quotation for the Traffic Survey Work from Sub-Consultants.

Brief Scope of Survey Work:

  • Video Traffic Survey
  • Origin-Destination Survey
  • Development Area Survey (Dhaka EPZ)

Following Documents are Attached:

  • Quotation submission letter (format)
  • Instructions to bidders for submission of Proposal
  • Terms of Reference (ToR) and specifications of survey works

Key Dates:

  • 31.10.2022: RFQ Circulation
  • 03.11.2022: Pre-Bid Meeting
  • 09.11.2022: Submission Deadline at 16:00 Hours

The interested company/JV/Agency can contact the following personnel for any clarification or query –

Md Abdullah Al Mamun

Email:  ;  Phone: +8801739134998

Bangladesh is looking forward to a step of preparing a Freight Transport Model covering nationwide freight movement. This model will reveal the existing condition of freight movement as well as logistic service performance. This model will guide the future strategy for ensuring seamless movement and improving connectivity. To accomplish the task, a traffic survey is an integral part to collect information regarding freight movement. The Company, SMEC is asking for your expertise as per given guidance mentioned in the attached documents of ToR (Terms of Reference).The key surveys are given below-

  • Primary Surveys
    • Traffic Count Survey (On Road and Riverport)
    • OD survey on the same locations
    • Vehicle number Plate recognition survey on the same
    • Stated preference Survey
    • Axle load and vehicle Survey at selected points
    • Commercial vehicle Tour Diary
    • Establishment Survey etc.
  • Secondary Data Collection
    • Upazilla Office
    • Rail Office at Chittagong and Rajshahi
    • Land Port Data
    • Sea Port Shipment Information
    • Airport shipment information etc.

The interested company/JV/ Agency can contact the following personnel by 20th October 2022.

Fazlay Rishan

Email: ; Phone: 01784383747