Axle Load Control Station Project

Project Overview

The project is to design and supervise construction of 28 axle load control stations to be installed at key freight transport depots all over the country. This control stations will be well equipped to adapt, operate, manage and easy to integrate with future Intelligent Transport System (ITS). 21 buildings with well ancillary facilities will be constructed near to the axle load stations for smoothing of operation and management.

The consultant will also prepare an appropriate data management system and develop of an efficient IT infrastructure. For this purpose, specialist teams will review physical infrastructure facilities and develop specifications for all electromechanical equipment. to contribute to sustaining the axle load control system, by developing an appropriate knowledge, skills and institutional framework.

A freight transport model is to be developed to identify the movement of overloaded vehicles entering the county from different land ports, the axle/vehicle weighing systems need to be installed at strategic locations within the country to control overloading of vehicles which travel from one place to another within the country.

Our Role

SMEC, with our local subsidiary ACE Consultants is providing consultancy services for Design, Construction Supervision of Axle Load Control Stations and Bangladesh Freight Transport Modelling. Responsibilities include:

  • Establish an effective Axle Load Control mechanism in Bangladesh for preserving the value of road assets, improving highway safety and security and real time surveillance of freight traffic on RHO network.
  • Develop, calibrate and validate a freight transport model for Bangladesh “Bangladesh Freight Transport Model (BFTM)” with appropriate software compatible to RHO’s current modeling skills.
  • Review the physical infrastructure facilities needed for establishing Axle Load Control Stations (ALCS) finding out the most appropriate options for Bangladesh.
  • Review, develop and finalize the specifications of all the electromechanical equipment beginning from the import, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance for ALCS
  • Prepare drawing, design and specifications of necessary infrastructure for housing the equipment and smooth functioning of the ALCS while considering the future development of the system.
All over the country
Technical Area:
Roads, Transport
Roads and Highways Department
Project Start:
August, 2021
Project Completed:
On Going