Cross Border Road Network Improvement Project

Project Overview

The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has received a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (hereinafter referred to as “JICA”) to finance the Cross-Border Road Network Improvement Project (Bangladesh) (hereinafter referred to as CBRNIP). The CBRNIP will be implemented through the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) under the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges (MORTB) in order to build a reliable and efficient cross-border road network among neighboring countries. In particular, the Cross-Border Road Network coincides with Asian Highway 1 and 41 and is also a part of the BBIN MVA (Bangladesh-Bhutan India-Nepal Motor Vehicle Agreement) planned corridor. Moreover, the Kalna ferry crossing over the Madhumoti River will be a bottleneck even after opening the Padma Bridge on AH1. Therefore, the GOB plans to construct a new bridge at Kalna, and replace and reconstruct small and medium-sized bridges mainly under three Project Sections.

Based on the conduct of the preliminary design for the bridge components through the Preparatory Survey (F/S) of JICA in 2016, the implementation of the following four components was proposed under the financial assistance of the Japanese ODA:

Component–A1:  Construction of 4-lane Kalna Bridge (Nielsen Lohse Arch type) on AH1 along with the construction of a long access road and installation of a toll collection system with toll booths.

Component–A2:   Replacing and reconstructing three 4-lane and one 2-lane small-to-medium size PC-I girder bridges together with the installation of axle load control station at Benapole.

Component–B:  Replacing and reconstructing thirteen 2-lane small size PC-I girder bridges and box culverts together with the installation of axle load control station at Ramgarh.

Component–C:  Replacing and reconstructing four 4-lane small-to-medium sizes PC-I girder bridges.

Project Bridges under 3 (Three) Sections of CBRNIP:

  • A1. Section A: Dhaka-Benapole (Kolkata)

Kalna Bridge (N806)-690m (4-lane) AH 1

Access road-4.45 km (4-lane) AH 1

Tollgate and toll collection system installation-1 (Toll Plaza & Administration Building)

Operation & Maintenance Vehicles and Devices-1 (Heavy Vehicle), 2 (Utility Vehicles), 1 (Wire Tension Measurement System)


  • A2. Jhikorgacha Bridge and approach road(N706)-125m (4-lane) AH 1

Garakola Bridge and approach road (N805)-110m (2-lane) AH 1

Tularampur Bridge and approach road (R750)-100m (4-lane) AH 1

Hawai hali Bridge and approach road (Z7503)-35m (4-lane) AH 1

Axle load control scale installation at Benapole-1 (Set of Weigh Station& Depot)


  • Section B:Ramgarh–Baraiyarhat (R152,R151)

18 (eight) small size bridges, 7 (seven) box culverts, and their approach roads-25m-50m (2-lane) Connect to AH41

Axle load control scale installation at Ramgarh – 1 (Set of Weigh Station& Depot)


  • Section C: Chittagong – Cox’s Bazar (N1)

4 (four) small-to-medium size bridges and their approach roads-55m-300m(4-lane)-AH 41

Our Role

Description of actual services provided by the staff of this firm in the assignment:

The Consultant will prepare the detailed design for the Project. More specifically, the Consultant will provide the followings:

  • Detailed Design:

The Consultant will prepare the detailed design for the Project. More specifically, the Consultant will provide the followings:

-Review of Feasibility Study:

JICA Preparatory Study comprising Preliminary Design, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Abbreviated Resettlement Plan (ARP) has been conducted by the consortium of Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. and PADECO Co., Ltd. under JICA (hereinafter, “JICA F/S”) (February 2016). The study report provides the design conditions, preliminary studies, and features of the bridge structure undertaken. The Consultant shall review the contents of the report and verify any technical, economic, or commercial findings given in them that may affect directly project cost. To develop the alternatives in accordance with the design criteria and standards to prove technical feasibility and permit costs to the required level of accuracy with a review of the following points:

(1) Evaluation/Analysis of investigated and surveyed data for hydrology, geology, hydraulics;

(2) Scale and Technical Standards applied to the Project;

(3) Alignment for Approach Roads;

(4) Alignment for Main Bridges, approach roads;

(5) Structural Alternatives for the Main Bridges;

(6) Alternatives for Structural Alternatives for the approach roads;

(b) Survey and Study.

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Roads, Transport
Roads and Highways Department
Project Start:
November 2016
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