Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge Construction Project

Project Overview

The existing Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge (Bangabandhu Bridge) co-financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB) and JICA is a historical landmark as well as a vital link that connects western and eastern parts of country. The Bangabandhu Bridge is also considered as an important part of the international and regional transport networks: the Trans-Asian Railway, South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Transport Corridor 4 and Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Railway Network. In this connection, Bangladesh has the potential to become a transport and transshipment center for the sub-region connecting India, Myanmar and the landlocked countries Bhutan and Nepal. The existing Bangabandhu Bridge over the River Jamuna, however, is a single-track dual gauge bridge. It was originally designed for 4-lane highway traffic with meter gauge (MG) single track and subsequently modified to carry dual gauge trains with restricted load and speed. Although this railway line has a great potential for heavy traffic especially freight transport with neighboring countries, it has been limited due to bottleneck caused by such restrictions. Therefore, to meet increasing national and sub-regional traffic demand, GOB recognizes the urgent need to construct a dedicated railway bridge parallel to existing Bangabandhu Bridge with the provision of dual gauge double track.

Our Role

SMEC, with our local subsidiary ACE Consultants is providing consultancy services for Design, Construction Supervision of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge Construction Project. Responsibilities include:

Detailed Design

  • Review of F/S and supplementary survey and relevant existing reports.
  • Investigation and Survey for topography, geology, hydrology, morphology etc.
  • Preparation of the detailed design (including drawings).

Bid Assistance

  • Preparation of the bidding documents.
  • Bid assistance for BR to select Contractor: bid evaluation; award of the contract; contract negotiation; and finalizing the contract documents.

Construction Supervision

  • Supervision of works
  • Completion and Taking Over
  • Defect Liability Period

Safeguards Assistance (Environmental Considerations)

  • Reviewing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports of F/S report and finalizing the EIA Report
  • Updating and implementation the EIA Report, the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), the Environmental Monitoring measures and other relevant Considerations)


  • Safety Considerations (Complying with safety Policy based on JICA Policy)
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Dispute Bord (DB) assistance
  • Transfer of technology
  • Organize overseas training/ study tour
Sirajganj and Tangail
Technical Area:
Railway, Transport
Bangladesh Railway
Project Start:
March, 2017
Project Completed:
On Going