We are highly diversified and multidisciplinary consulting house, and our services cover all fields of civil, mechanical, electrical & electronics engineering, as well as environmental, socio-economic, and financial study in a wide variety of sectors, like-

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Railways
  • Port and Harbour
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Electricity generation and transmission
  • Oil, gas, and coal energy
  • Rural and urban infrastructure
  • Dwelling houses and Office buildings/factories

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The Journey

  • 1958

    Started providing consulting services in Bangladesh

  • 1971

    Began its journey as “Associated Consulting Engineers Ltd.” to serve in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process

  • 1977

    Privatized and registered under Joint Stock Company

  • 2002

    Renamed “ACE Consultants Ltd.” under new private management

  • 2016

    Fully owned by SMEC International Ltd. (subsidiary of Surbana Jurong Holdings)

Key Projects

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project

Approximately 40 km southwest of Dhaka, comprises a new fixed crossing of the Padma River in Bangladesh, which will consist of a bridge approximately 6.15 km long, major river training works, and approximately 13.6 km of approach roads and bridge-end facilities, including toll plazas, service areas, and offices.

Padma Bridge Rail Link Project

The new railway route will provide a substantially shorter route by shortening the travel distance between Dhaka-Jessore, Dhaka-Khulna, and Dhaka-Darsana by 184.72km, 212.05 km, and 44.24 km respectively. This rail link will become a vital railway corridor in terms of national as well as regional railway traffic demand

Multi Lane Road Tunnel under the River Karnaphuli

The tunnel and approach roads are split into two distinct sections. One is located on the north-western side of the Karnaphuli River and the other on the southern eastern side of the river. The first is called the western bank section and the second is called the eastern bank section. Total length is 9,266 m

ACE is a completely owned subsidiary of SMEC International Pty Ltd. On July 2016, SMEC merged with Surbana Jurong Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. SMEC is now part of the Surbana Jurong Group of Companies based in Singapore.  SMEC International Pty Ltd’s ultimate holding company Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited, Singapore which is beneficially held by the Government of Singapore.